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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I purchase a SAI firearm (Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun)?  What is the process?
    • Find the gun you want and then find an authorized Salient Arms International Dealer near you to purchase a weapon through.
Please note that Salient Arms International is NO LONGER offering purchased of firearms directly to customers or accepting customer supplied weapons at this time. 
      • What is a Tier One Package?
        We currently only offer the Tier One package for Glocks and  Smith & Wesson  M&P models.  
            • The Tier One package is our top of line package and takes performance to the edge - while still retaining all of the reliability you expect from Glock or Smith & Wesson.  The Tier One can easily be distinguished by the additional weight that is taken out from the slide by the addition of window cuts on the sides and the top of the slides. Tier One packages includes a Match Fluted and threaded barrels (Only on Glocks in 9mm), Tier One Internals and our Fiber Optic sights.
            • What weapon manufacturers do you work on?
              We currently only work on Glock, Smith and Wesson M&P Lines, and Benelli M1/M2/M4's.  We will be offering additional work on some other manufactures in the future.  The RED, BLU, GLD and GRY are all our own production firearms by Salient Arms International.
                • Can I send in my own gun?  Or do you only work on the guns you supply?

                No, we no longer are accepting customer supplied firearms due to demand.

                You can purchase any SAI firearm directly from any of our dealers that are located nationwide.

                • What does your warranty cover?

                  We offer a completely transferable limited lifetime warranty that we feel is one of the best out there.  In short, we keep SAI weapons running forever, period.  

                  We just ask that you give us a call before sending it back to discuss.  We are here to do everything we possibly can, however there are some things we cannot cover.  If you happen to throw your SAI g17 Tier One into the oven with a frozen pizza and it melts, that would not be covered (it’s happened).  Our warranty goes even further.  If you are involved in a legal use of deadly force situation and your SAI weapon is taken into evidence, we will provide you with another, free of charge, until you get yours back.

                    • Who did the Photography for the Site?
                    We are extremely happy to display work from Evike.com, SSV Media and DEFCON on our Site.  The product images are done by Evike.com, DEFCON and SSV Media.  The home page images were done by DEFCON.  You can see additional examples of their work on Facebook or Instagram.
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