Hexmag Magazine Grip Tape (Color: Black)


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*Magazines shown in images not included.


  • Adhesive backed textured grip tape
  • Die-cut into the exact shape to fill the hex-shaped cavities of Hexmag magazines
  • Slip-resistant texture offers improved grip even when wet
  • Easy to install
  • One sheet (46 hex shapes) is enough to cover both sides of one Hexmag magazine if every hex cavity is filled
  • One sheet is enough to cover both sides of two Hexmag magazines if only half the hex cavities are filled
  • Can be used with various other devices such as grips, standard magazines, and hand held electronics
Compatibility: Works with both Airsoft and real spec Hexmag Magazines
Package Includes: 1x Sheet (46 Hex Shapes)

Manufacturer: Hexmag